Pulled Pork and Summer Rolls for Santa

Holiday meals tend to be centered around tradition; the Thanksgiving turkey, the Christmas ham, the New Years Eve liquid dinner. Most of these traditions are routed in childhood memories and the constant bombardment via the cooking mags, the Food Network, and the internet. But traditions aren’t worth keeping unless they get you real pumped to have them. And if your thinking about changing it up, don’t feel guilty. Traditions are like stories. As long as you keep the bulk of the details the same, adding a few select embellishments is always welcomed…

I’ve never been a big fan of the spiral ham, but I do love me some pulled pork. Which is why I love the fact that we have made it our Christmas tradition. Slow roasted in the oven throughout the entire day, this pork comes out full of flavor and absurdly juicy. It is a testament to it’s perfection that we all clamor around for days hoping the leftovers remain. I’d gladly pass up my thanksgiving leftover allotment for a few more scoops of this pork. It’s a good thing Santa comes before we put it in the oven because we don’t need any more mouths to feed with this one.

And what is pulled pork without Vietnamese summer rolls? Well okay these don’t go together at all but I love making these as a light appetizer before a heavy meal. A tad tedious to make, but well worth the effort, these shrimp and vegetable filled summer rolls were a big hit for their taste and their looks!

Happy New Year Everyone!


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