At the Bar for Inspiration

Fairly often as I’m working on new ideas, I find myself looking towards the bar for some inspiration. Just a second! It’s not what you think. Not that a great glass of wine or a craft beer can’t inspire food. It’s just that’s not the aspect of the bar I’m eluding to.  What I’m talking about is the chicken wing, mozzarella stick, nachos, and potato skin portion of the menu that makes any sporting event, or any late night out that much more enjoyable. But it’s tough to eat this food on a regular basis. Most of it is heavy and greasy and is often more work than worth it to make these foods at home (If you’ve ever fried your own food you know what it’s like during clean up and disposal). But inspiration implies a twist…

One of my favorite bar food menu items is the loaded stuffed baked potato, a much heartier version of the potato skin. Typically smothered in sour cream, cheese, green onions, bacon and all sorts of other ingredients, the potato is more of a vessel than a crucial flavor component. Part of the problem, at least as I see it, is that a regular old potato lacks a strong flavor. But that certainly isn’t the case for the sweet potato.

And with all the talk about how great this orange root vegetable is for you, I figured what a perfect way to lighten up the dish. Pairing the baked sweet potato with curry, a perfect compliment, the toppings of peas, bell pepper, onions, and shrimp enhanced the overall flavor without masking it. So you may still crave the original while at the bar, but if your at home you may very well appreciate this alternative.


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