Shoddy Marketing…

Despite an evergrowing change in perspective when it comes to eating healthy, we still have a long way to go as a nation. But I honestly think it is a lot easier than we make it seem. So much of the “difficulty” in eating healthy (mentally and financially) is a product of shoddy marketing.

So many of the products or recipes we find labeled “healthy” are marketed as substitutes or replacements. This creates some level of expectation and as consumers we are almost inevitably dissapointed. There is no replacement for a hamburger. There is no replacement for chocolate cake. But does that mean there’s no hope?

Whole wheat pasta is one of these above mentioned ingredients. Whole wheat has swept over our grocery stores with varying levels of success. In the case of the pasta, the quality has come a long way, but it is still no replacement. So why am I cooking with it? The truth is, whole wheat pasta has a great flavor that regular pasta does not; a nuttiness that compliments a whole assortment of ingredients. Like in this dish where it is tossed with roasted brussel sprouts, fennel, and carrots along with sweet italian sausage. Sure maybe the use of the whole wheat pasta made this more healthy, but that certainly wouldn’t be what I marketed it as…


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