Did the better brother win?

For all you Top Chef followers out there, you’d have to admit this season was better than some of the past few. Less drama, more quality cooking and a whole lot of interesting challenges. And whether you like his style or not, season 6 winner Michael had some amazing ideas and near flawless execution. So often his dishes incorporated the element of surprise. While it looked like one thing, it tasted like another. Or by melding flavors that seemingly had no business working together, he was able to elicit smirks and amazement; even out of Colicchio. So with Michael’s unique ideas in mind, I had thoughts on reinventing some of my favorite flavors.

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned New Orleans. Mainly in fear that some of you (especially one of you) were just plain sick of hearing about it. But the creole flavors melding French and Spanish influences, especially that in jambalaya are so delicious and comforting, especially as the weather cools down, I just can’t resist myself. But jambalaya can also be a bit heavy. So in my creole stuffed chicken rolls I managed to incorporate the essential flavors while reducing some of the richness. Sausage, peppers, onions, and creole seasoned stuffing kept the chicken moist while imparting some amazing flavor. And where’s the rice? Served with my “more green than dirty” rice this dish took me right back to one of my favorite cities. It may not look like jambalaya but it sure did taste like it!


2 Responses to Did the better brother win?

  1. mjda says:

    I think Michael deserved it. My personal favorite was Kevin (Yukon Cornelius), but I think the only reason Michael didn’t win more challenges was that he set the creativity bar extra high and thus had a harder time executing 100%. My only beef was the shoddy reverse editing, where they spent a good amount of the finale trying to make him seem likable after spending a whole season making him out to be a dick.
    The dish looks awesome.

  2. nevaheardofit says:

    nice post, ponce.

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