Eye Opening Moments

We all have them. You know, the culinary moments that we just never forget. Sometimes its an experience that ruins a dish or ingredient forever. Maybe you got food poisoning from shrimp and have vowed to never eat shellfish again. Or maybe you ate too many ribs one night and the mere sight of them induces nausea. Yes, its true we all have these moments that have and will continue to shape our eating don’ts.

But what about those moments that open your eyes and show you how truly amazing food can be. Whether its trying an oyster for the first time or having your first bacon topped cupcake (yes I have had this and it is top 5 things I have ever eaten), these are the moments worth writing about, and these are the moments that make any foodie weak in the knees.

I still remeber the first time I had this combination of flavors; roasted beets, orange segments, and seared scallops. I remember looking at the chef during our pre-dinner meeting  at the restaurant I was working at and thinking he had lost it. The flavors seemed so wacky to me but as I went into the back to ask for a taste I was truly blown away. The oranges lended both acidity and sweetness complimenting the richness of the scallop and the earthiness of the beets, making it a customer favorite for that night and many to follow. I added just a bit of spinach and finished with a balsamic reduction and good olive proving once again that simply prepared, well combined ingredients just can’t be beat.


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