The Perfect Remedy

After all that gluttony surrounding Thanksgiving dinner and the leftovers that follow, almsot everyone can agree, a few lighter meals are in order. I’m certainly on board with that notion, but eating light isn’t about punishing yourself for eating heavy. And eating light, certainly shouldn’t mean eating boring….

I’ve always loved salads. It was a staple at our dinner table whether it was as a side or as the main part of our meal. Sometimes it was simple, sometimes it was elaborate but it was always something I looked forward to. So it should be no surprise that I’m always looking for great combinations of flavors for my next delicious salad.

This fall salad featuring two of my favorite seasonal ingredients (brussel sprouts and apples) was the perfect remedy to my food induced lethargy. Adding a bit of goat cheese and crumbled bacon atop slightly bitter radicchio and peppery arugula all with a light dressing and some chopped pecans made this a healthy and delicious reprieve from the rich and heavy dishes of the holiday. And with all the great bold flavors and textures, it wasn’t missing a thing. If you like salads, your going to love this one!


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