Room for Dessert

If you are a Top Chef watcher, you know that members of the first season are still hammered for using a boxed cake mix for their wedding challenge. And sure, I get the argument, but sometimes as a cook you just have to admit your weaknesses. But honestly, most cooks will tell you they can’t bake, when the reality is, they don’t want to bake. Baking is routed in precision and patience and the room for error is tiny. Which is why that perfect dessert can put the perfect cap on any meal…

My ice cream sandwiches were nice but the Lemon Meringue Pie and Persimmon Pudding were the big time hits at our Thanksgiving dessert. How amazing does that pie look! Trust me. It tasted just as good. And what is persimmon pudding? Well I’m not even 100% sure but 3 hours of steaming  gave this wonderfully flavorful and slightly alcoholic dessert the moisture and the texture that most cakes are begging for. I wish I could take credit for these awesome desserts but I had nothing to do with them. And nothing against the pumpkin pie you ate, but it was great to have something a bit different this Thanksgiving. Thanks Nancy and Larry!


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