Happy Thanksgiving!

So many food blogs have been flooding the internet with favorite dishes from Thanksgivings past, new twists on traditions, and some last minute technique advice. I thought about it. But by now you all know, I’m not much of a test first kinda cook. To cook a bunch of dishes as a test run for the big day just seems a bit off. Thanksgiving cooking is about spending time with the people you care the most for and the stories that come from all that ridiculous food; the good and the bad.

But rather than hanging everyone out to dry, I have a great last minute suggestion for desserts. If your checking this post out, it could be that your scrounging for something easy but impressive. Well who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches! Individually wrapped and nostalgic, I love making home made ice cream sandwiches for any occasion. And by making homemade pumpkin cookies and a fresh cranberry sauce that I folded into vanilla ice cream, these will most definitely be a hit. And if you don’t have time to make the cookies, buy some store bought and your good to go! So Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And take some pictures! Send them to me for next weeks blog postings!


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