Here one month, gone the next

When it comes to eating seasonal, some times it’s a lot easier than others. Walking through the grocery store and seeing vibrant green stalks of asparagus in November is a perfect example of why it has become so difficult. But in other cases, the decision is easy and is already made for us….

Spaghetti squash is available maybe two months out of the year, popping up right before thanksgiving and fading into oblivion with the new year. Many of the other squashes we love to eat this time of year have similar availabilty but the spaghetti squash seems to be the most elusive. And it’s sort of a shame. If we only had this amazing ingredient more often, I’d probably start to use it as something other than a replacement for pasta. But with a great sweetness that balances wonderfully with tomatoes and other great sauces, spaghetti squash works perfectly as a stand in for some of our favorite dishes. This portion topped with a hearty fennel, kale, and sausage ragu was absolutely delicious and perfectly seasonal. And I didn’t even miss the pasta!


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