Are you gonna carve that pumpkin?

There are only two types of pumpkin. The ones we carve and use as decoration and the ones that come out of a can. You know, the stuff we make pumpkin pie and other delicious desserts with. Well this may seem true around this time of year, but the reality is, pumpkins come in all sorts of varieties and can be used in all sorts of culinary creations; and not just the sweet ones.

Actually, pumpkin is more prevalent than we tend to think. In fact you’ve probably seen it on menus across a number of cuisines. From the pumpkin ravioli that pops up around this time of year to the thai curry dishes that pair the subtle sweetness of fresh pumpkin with pungeont herbs and spices, pumpkin is an overlooked but delicious ingredient for savory meals. The thai curry is what gave me inspiration for this amazing soup. Rather than pureeing everything together like I’ve done in the past with these types of soups, I decided to keep the pumpkin in large chunks and build the spice and flavor around it. Combining both curry paste and coconut milk with fresh ginger, cilantro, and other fresh veggies, this soup was packed with flavor and comfort. Finishing with just a few shrimp and a squeeze of lime, this soup is an amazing go to winter meal.


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