Lobster Mac or Velveeta?

Who doesn’t like mac and cheese? No, the question isn’t whether you enjoy eating this comfort food, it’s which type is your favorite. Some people still sware by the college staple, Easy Mac, while others refuse to use anything but Velveeta. But as I’ve written about before, so many restaurants try to dial in the gourmet for their version of this American favorite. My favorite has to be the lobster mac and cheese. Because…well come on, does this really need explaining.

I had attempted a similar dish almost a year ago using rock shrimp instead of the lobster to try and replicate the version at Nolita House. The flavors were good but shrimp just isn’t as rich and flavorful as lobster. So this time I wanted to go all out. But lobster is expensive. Not to mention how much of that weight is not used in the final dish. But rather than breaking the bank and buying more lobster, I simply got a bit creative. By steaming the lobster and breaking it down into the edible portions, I was left with the filler for my mac. But taking those shells and leftovers and steeping them in the milk I ended up using to make the cheese sauce was what really did it. All of that delicious flavor made its way into the final dish pairing great with the gemelli pasta, and cheddar and havarti cheeses. It’s just another example of how much flavor comes from the “throwaway pieces” of our groceries. And what a great dish for the holiday season…just a little bit more luxurious than the Velveeta version.

As a side note, my good buddies from The Canon Logic are playing this friday at the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan at 8 pm. It should be a great show as they get set to release their album sometime soon. And if you haven’t heard them yet, let me just say, they are the lobster mac and cheese in a city full of velveeta….


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