Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

Hot Dog and Hamburger Moroccan Stew

Remember when late in the summer you were browsing the supermarket and you saw all those hot dogs and hamburgers on sale. Just like the christmas decorations that cost pennies in January, its tough to turn them down. Throw them in the freezer and they are just a quick thaw away from that first cookout in Spring. But what about when you’ve got nothing in the fridge, and have no interest in trucking out in the rain to the store? Rather than reaching for the take out menus, re-consider those summer staples stored away for the winter and you’ll be surprised what dinner can become…

In the middle of tropical storm Ida, I was faced with this exact scenario. But there were the frozen chicken sausages (that somehow taste exactly like hot dogs but I guess are healthier) and hamburger patties frozen solid. A quick search through the pantry and the fridge and this moroccan inspired stew was born. What amazing flavors from the curry, the cumin, the rosemary and the yogurt along with roasted red peppers, stewed tomatoes, roasted onions and chickpeas. And with the great reminder of our summer favorites mixed throughout giving the dish some cold weather heartiness, it almost makes you wonder why you ever needed mustard and ketchup…


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