Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving


Besides the popular turkey burger, your club sandwich, or your standard diner hot turkey sandwich, turkey is almost exclusively reserved for Thanksgiving. The perfect roasted turkey, Thanksgiving dinner or not, can be truly delicious, but how many boring dried out turkeys have you had over the years. If you’ve ever cooked a turkey, you probably realize the potential for disaster is always looming. The right temperature, the right amount of seasoning, the right amount of basting are all factors that can make you the hero or sometimes the zero. (Quick props to my brother who cooked our Turkey perfectly last year!)

But turkey doesn’t have to be limited to this method of cooking. And no, I’m not referring to the beer can roast, or the deep fried version. I’m talking turkey as a delicious stand in for some of the classics. Rather than using veal or even a pounded out chicken cutlet, I found these unbelievable free roaming turkey cutlets and prepared them with one of my favorite methods. Pan frying and topped with sauteed mushrooms, proscuitto, and swiss cheese, this dish made me think of some of the great Italian dishes I have had in the past but with something surprising. The turkey flavor really came through where chicken rarely can and gave some thickness where veal sometimes disappoints. Sprinkled with a bit of fresh sage and paired with roasted brussel sprouts, the familiarity of the holidays crept in to this fantastic meal. Next time I think turkey, it won’t just be for the holidays.


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