Silver Caterers: The Progressive Dinner


When asked, “what’s your specialty?” or “what’s your cooking style?”, I always fumble with my answer. It’s a tough question for someone who loves to cook and try just about everything. I’d hate to think I was one type of cook, cooking one type of food. But after this past weekend, I may have found my answer…

I had the opportunity to cook for a Progressive Dinner. Yearly, the members of the community in Sea Cliff, NY, come together to put on this great event. The basic idea: hors devours at one house, dinner at another, and dessert all together with members of town, those you know and strangers alike. Catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, and enjoying good food and wine are all apart of this great night that requires a lot of help from the hosts. So when I was asked to cook for one of the hosts, I knew I wanted to provide something great.

I’ve discussed my affinity towards risotto in the past but in case you haven’t realized, it’s one of my favorites to make. The flavor combinations are endless, and when prepared correctly, what beats this creamy and delicious meal. This time I decided to take three perfectly matched ingredients, broccoli rabe, roasted red pepper, and roasted garlic, paired with beautiful sea scallops and grilled shrimp. The flavors were fantastic and the guests loved every last bite. So there it is. I love cooking both new and familiar dishes and am always looking forward to the next opportunity to share my food with others…I’ve got my answer. I’m a progressive cook!





2 Responses to Silver Caterers: The Progressive Dinner

  1. Nancy says:

    Risotto Magnifico!

  2. Hi Silver Caterers, we just wanted to say that your presentation is absolutely beautiful…everything looks so good. You can tell that you put a lot of love into your food, it really shows. Thanks for sharing!

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