Roll the Dice, Toss the Recipe


If I could help change one notion in the home kitchen, it would be that trying new things is a risk not worth taking without a recipe. There’s no question, having a recipe can help ease the concern over preparing a meal for your friends or family, but there’s no guarentee what your making will be successful. That’s why I love following The Bitten Word, where these bloggers cook the recipes in the Food Mags, and tell us whether or not they were worth the publication. But honestly, cooking has and always will be about technique and the more we pay attention in the kitchen, and the more we challenge our skills and palletes, the better cooks we all become.

I have been on a huge broccoli rabe kick. I love the stuff, simply sauteed with garlic and olive oil. But it’s easy to fall into the trap of pairing it with classic Italian staples such as sausage and pasta. But in the heart of the fall season, with the flavors of Thanksgiving creeping up on us, I wanted to pair my favorite side with something new. No classic thanksgiving mashed potatoes for me! Instead roasting butternut squash with garlic and pureeing with a touch of curry brought out amazing sweetness and creaminess to go with the greens. And what to go with it? Taking a cut of meat, I rarely work with, the pork chop and seasoning with a spicy and slightly sweet rub, I was just a pan roast away from a complete meal.


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