Give the Gift of Me


Over the next few weeks, I will be working with a number of new clients, preparing menus for dinner parties throughout the city. These new opportunities are most exciting for me because, creating a stress free, delicious and exciting meal for a small gathering is something I absolutely love. And for the diners and host specifically, being able to entertain and enjoy the night without the worries of overcooking or a late delivery man makes any occasion a special one. So moving forward, especially into this Holiday season, consider giving the gift of a meal to someone in your circle of friends or family. And rather than running out to the nearby restaurant for a gift certificate, consider what Silver Caterers can offer. For more specifics you can contact me but in the mean time, enjoy the menus I’ll be posting.

This past week, I created a three course menu for five. Sometimes the meal itself can be a special occasion which is why I wanted to make this one seasonally visual and flavorful. How perfect then is the butternut squash and fennel soup I posted about earlier in the month garnished with the roasted butternut squash seeds. The vibrant orange color and the warming quality of this soup, yells “Fall” and was a big hit. For the entree, I wanted to show my affinity towards blending flavors. Taking a bite of roasted sweet potato along with the sauteed swiss shard and spinach all with a bit of poached halibut in a tomato and orange reduction created pure excitement in your mouth. So many great flavors, all working together in unison. And with the beautiful colors, the plate was just as delicious to look at as it was to eat. Lastly, for dessert, a chocolate mousse cake with a fresh raspberry sauce finished this meal off with a bit of richness and a whole lot of smiles. Who doesn’t like chocolate mousse!


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