Please pack your drama and go…

Shrimp Grits, Hake, and Bitter Greens

Do you watch any of the reality cooking shows consisently? I know I do, but recently it’s been for some simple inspiration. Even the likes of Top Chef, which in my opinion has always been the best, has started to focus more on the drama then the food. Although I will say this season has been much better than I expected. All that aside, I’ve been noticing how often the head judges criticize a dish (or a cheftestant) on their execution. And even more specifically the issue of the individual pieces of a dish coming together for some sort of synergy. “Each component of the dish tasted fine, but together…What were you thinking?” Okay I made that up but I’m sure Tom Colichio has said something to that effect…

Well last night I think I would have won the elimination challenge with this dish. Padma wouldn’t have asked me to pack my knives and go. No, she may have even asked for my number…

It was our first meal on our brand new table (thanks Nancy and Larry) and I wanted to have a dish to savor. I had been saving shrimp shells in the freezer and I knew I had just enough to make an unbelievable sauce. Making a stock out of the shells and then reducing for two hours, and finishing with a bit of tomato and curry, I knew I had a sauce with a ton of flavor. I found some great wild caught Hake, very similar to Cod, and wanted to pair it with creamy grits. These grits however, had shrimp and red pepper throughout melding the flavors of the sauce even more. And with all this richness, some bitter greens would be the perfect match. Taking a full bite, with a little bit of everything, I knew I had made a winning dish. But that wasn’t the only proof. An hour later, we were still at the table, wishing we had more…food and wine that is.


One Response to Please pack your drama and go…

  1. sounds amazing. so jealous.

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