The List: Five Napkin Burger

Five Knapkin Burger

Burgers are no longer just burgers. Whether it’s been the economy playing a role or maybe even more the ever growing popularity of jazzed up comfort food, burgers have become the talk of the town. How can I be so sure…Enter Martha Stewart.

I’ve never really been a Martha follower but I know many that live and die by her recipes and suggestions. But when I heard that she was having a burger episode, I knew I had to check it out. With the likes of Daniel Boulud, Pat LaFrieda, and Bill O’Donnel (Corner Bistro) appearing to discuss their preferences in burgers, I knew this was more than just Martha. And man, was I pleasantly surprised to see Andy D’amico show up to discuss his Five Napkin Burger. A burger which I’ve been meaning to try for a long time…

I have been to two other Andy D’Amico restaurants (Marseilles and Nizza) and have loved them both. I have not however been to Nice Matin, the restaurant where his newest restaurant, “Five Napkin Burger” gets its name. The burger in question had been on the menu at Nice Matin, and with the spark of the new place, the quality had to be high. I finally made it to FNB last week and having seen the deliciously thick all chuck patty topped with carmelized onions, comte cheese, and rosemary aioli on the show, I wasn’t about to try anything else. That is until I saw this….

Five Knapkin Hot Dog

Are you serious! The Five Napkin Dog, an 8 oz kobe beef hot dog topped with mustard, cheddar, relish, tomatoes, onions, pickles and jalapenos was too appealing to resist. Luckily for me, I was eating with a few others who went for the burger. But back to the hot dog. I never order hot dogs at a restaurant. They are either puny and regular, or not really hot dogs. Sure I understand that a sausage is the same idea, but if you say hot dog, I want hot dog. This version was not only huge, it was delicious. With such savory all beef flavor without really any of the grease. You’d think after chowing down on such a big hot dog, you’d feel a bit nauseous. Not I; not even after I ate a third of one of the burgers.

Martha was dead right including the FNB on the show. This burger is thick, juicy and really delicious. And Andy’s suggestion that I remembered right at the last minute is spot on. He says they laugh when people reach for the ketchup. It sounds ridiculous right? It’s a burger, so put ketchup on it. Well give this one a shot with out because the combination of flavors is spot on. And just with the hot dog, the juiciness doesn’t end up as heaviness. The bun is a great compliment soaking up all the great flavors and the french fries are crispy and salty as the should be. The portions are great, the prices are reasonable and if you’re in the area, you have to give this one a shot. I’m sure the other options are great as well, but it will be tough to stray from their Five Napkin classics.


2 Responses to The List: Five Napkin Burger

  1. Johanna says:

    mmm, i love their burgers.

  2. sarah says:

    i love 5 napkin burger. i love ketchup. laugh at me, i don’t care, i’m glad i make you smile 🙂

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