Mexican! Whoa Oh! Food Coma!

Mexican Food Logos

More and more I’ve been hearing the gripes on the Mexican food in New York. This may come as a shock to some of you, but apparently all those favorite places of ours, aren’t all that traditional. Despite having not been to Mexico, or much of anywhere for that matter, I guess I can sort of understand. I mean, when Anthony Bourdain says it, it has to be true right? He’s just as smart as the internet…

Traditional or the American version labels aside, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love chowing down on Mexican food. It’s the ultimate comfort food, familiar and satisfying. I’ve mentioned my passion for Mexico Lindo before but this isn’t about the many restaurants that line the streets of Manhattan. I want to know what your favorite fast food mexican joint is? I have my favorite, but I’ll keep that to myself (wouldn’t want to skew the poll). And don’t just vote on convenience. If there’s a Chipotle in your office building (pretty soon there will be a chipotle on every block) don’t just vote for the regularity. And if you’re wondering why Taco Bell has been left off….we’ll have to have that conversation in private. Go Moe’s! I mean, good luck to everyone.


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