Seasonal Soups

Cabbage and Brocolli Soup

Like I said yesterday, you aren’t taking full advantage of your Roasted Chicken dinner if you don’t make a stock out of the leftover bones and meat. There are some great, and even affordable boxed stocks out there but nothing beats homemade. What I love about making a stock, is that by adding in ingredients outside of the traditional, you can really create unique and flavorful broths every time. This batch, I added fennel and some leftover mushrooms to add a bit of earthiness and complexity.

I’ve always loved soups but hated being disappointed with bland or overly salty store bought or even restaurant/deli offerings. That’s probably the reason I’ve grown so fond of making my own. And with the cooler nights upon us, nothing spells comfort like a big bowl of soup.

Taking some of end of the summer seasonal brocolli and red cabbage at the farmers market, I wanted to make something hearty enough for a meal. That’s when I spotted the grass fed ground beef which look unbelievable. Keeping the flavors simple to take advantage of that local beef, I made some amazing meatballs that worked perfectly with this soup. A little spice, a handful of basil, some fresh tomatoes, and my homemade chicken stock, this soup was ready to eat! I can’t wait to enjoy the leftovers.


One Response to Seasonal Soups

  1. mihir says:

    This blog is beyond awesome, the food looks phenomenal.

    We need to start filming your cooking exploits for mass viewing. Maybe you can wear an apron.

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