Jeans and Sweater Weather

Roasted Chicken Dinner

Although the farmer’s market is still inundated with heirloom tomatoes and Mother Nature has decided to give us at least a few more warmer days, Fall is in the air. And I’ve always been a big fan of fall. Having played hockey my whole life and having cycled through college, the shorter days and the cooler nights have always brought out great memories and excitement. The smells, the colors, and the food all go together to make this my favorite season (although I probably have said that about every season) or what my friend calls “jeans and sweater weather”.

And what says Fall more than a Roasted Chicken. One of my favorite dishes to make and also one of the simplest, Roasted Chicken is a true test of a home cook. How well do the subtle flavors of the aromatics make their way into the chicken, and more importantly how well cooked is the bird are the two factors I always consider. I roasted this chicken with rosemary oil and lemon along with a liberal seasoning of some of my favorite spices. Pairing the chicken with kale and swiss chard as well as a mushroom “hash” made for an incredibly earthy and comforting meal perfect with some red wine.

And for those of you who don’t buy into the difference in chicken flavor from the mass produced Perdue versus the local free range variety, the Roasted Chicken is the best test. You will not believe the flavor that is packed into the more expensive bird. And just remember to use your leftover bones and aromatics to make a stock the next day ensuring the best bang for your buck! What are your favorite fall dishes?


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