My Favorite Comfort Food


There’s something about a big bowl of mussels that makes me so happy. Although not at all traditionally thought of, mussels may be my number one comfort food. Paired with a little pasta and some crusty bread, nothing goes better with a great beer or a glass a wine when you need something warm and delicious. Last night, comfort was on the menu…

One of the greatest parts about making mussels is the simplicity in making them great. Not only do the mussels take just a few minutes to prepare, they aren’t all that expensive (I got 2 lbs for $6). The preparation is routed in the broth in which the mussels cook in. I made mine with fennel, red pepper, garlic and onion along with a white wine seafood broth leftover from the poaching liquid I used last week. Other great additions are hot peppers, curry, and even a great beer. But ultimately, it’s the plump and juicy mussels that contribute so much flavor to the dish.

But make sure you serve them individually, to ensure you enjoy your mussels at a good pace. Otherwise you’ll eliminate conversation, put your head down, and make sure you get your share! They are just that good!


2 Responses to My Favorite Comfort Food

  1. Susan says:

    STOP…making food that looks sooo good.

  2. Katie says:

    Yum! I’d like to make mussels… how long do I boil the for? Or do I steam them? Any other tips?

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