Kitchen Nightmares


I rarely blog about my breakfasts, mainly because I don’t have the time to make anything interesting in the morning (not to mention I too often skip the most important meal of the day). But after my first real kitchen fire, and one of the weirdest meals I’ve ever made (could only be described as ground beef parmigiana…yeah don’t ask), I felt obligated to put something together this morning.

Eggs are a classic breakfast food loved by almost everyone. But you can’t eat eggs all the time. But whether you’re worried about cholesterol or just plain bored of them, they are still one of the greatest foods in the world (it’s science). Rather than messing with greatness, it’s best to tweak the compliments. Instead of serving my eggs with bread, potatoes, and pork (three of the most common sides), I went a lighter direction. Slicing some left over heirloom tomato, and layering with slices of roasted turkey gave a perfect platform for these sunny side up eggs to rest. With just a bit of basil, the dish was a great way to start the morning. And now my kitchen nightmare from last night is just a distant memory.


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