Life hands you high fructose corn syrup…

IMG_0492Since I was about twelve, I haven’t been much of a soda drinker. I probably have five sodas in an entire year. Maybe it’s because I still hear the screams of my old hockey coach as he walked in on our lunch break during summer training camp only to see his hard working players throwing back a few cherry cokes. Well, it’s been a long time since I feared extra sprints for cracking open a sprite, but the impact has been made. And it isn’t just the preachiness of Coach Feridand that has me avoiding the soda aisle. Rather, it’s the feeling I get afterward, that can only be described as “not quite right”.  And now, the few times a year I enjoy a soda, the lack of quench is immediately felt. So why is it that advertisements still sell the quenchability of soft drinks? Come on, no one drinks soda because they are parched. We drink soda because we crave the sweetness!

Amazingly, I found a purpose for that can of pepsi sitting in the fridge. It most likely came from some lunch special at the deli but it had been waiting to be drank for a while now. It waits no more. As I was working on a dish that involved some sauteed kale and cabbage that I began seasoning with soy, I knew I would need a balancer. No honey in sight, I was left to stew over my options. Opening and closing the fridge didn’t help. That is until the bright blue can caught my eye. Why not? I’ve seen cola used as a marinade in bbq and other applications so it had to work. But how would it combine with the soy?

Surprisingly better than I could have ever imagined. I used maybe 3 tbsp of the pepsi, so as the get the sweetness necessary without making soda soup. The sweetness paired fantastically with the soy and the dish was really great. I think I may have found my new simple trick for stir fries! The dish was made complete with a skin on chicken breast and a bit of roasted garlic and siracha!


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