… something new everyday


It really is amazing how much cooking relies on technique. But maybe more amazing, is how ever so often, in fact maybe more frequently than I realize, I stumble upon a method I have completely ignored. And for no good reason…

I have often taken cuts of meat (chicken and beef most of the time) and slow cooked them in a flavorful broth ensuring maximum flavor and ultimate fall off the bone texture. Yet, despite the constant exhibits on tv and the ever present examples in the food magazines I have never poached fish.

As you can probably tell, I’ve been cooking fish a ton lately. Health reasons aside, cooking fish offers me an interesting challenge. Many fish varieties have mild flavors and delicate textures that need to be handled with care. It is truly a technique driven protein, so easily overcooked by many. But therein lies the beauty of poaching.

Make a delicious broth, in this case sauteed garlic and onion with anchovy paste, white wine, and water, bring it to a simmer and slowly cook your fish. As long as you keep the temperature down (definitely don’t won’t a rolling boil), the result is eye opening. The subtle flavors of the fish are enhanced by the cooking liquid and you all but eliminate the prospects of dry fish. Now, just remember to keep an eye on the fish. Depending on the cut, this could take only a few minutes to cook. This poached cod with peach and tomato chutney served over sauteed tatsoi made me realize what I had been missing.

Like I said, there is no good reason to have not poached before. But as they say, you learn something knew everyday…


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