It wasn’t my idea! It was Potato Chip’s!

Potato Chip Crusted Sole

How many kids enjoy fish sticks growing up. I mean really enjoy them. But how many of those same kids would chow down if you put a fillet of flounder cooked with lemon and butter in front of them. Most white fish has a mild enough flavor for the pallets of kids and adults alike but the texture and the perception of fish overwhelms many. But by taking finger food sized pieces, packing them in a salty crunchy layer, and pairing them with a dipping sauce, all is forgotten.

Well I’m not one to be overwhelmed by the appearance of fish (or much of anything for that matter) but once in a while I miss that crunch. For years I’ve seen recipes and write ups touting the use of potato chips as a breading.  Maybe it’s because once I pop, I truly can’t stop or maybe it’s because of the seemingly indulgent nature of the idea, I had not made the leap. That is until last night.

I had purchased a few fillets of Lemon Sole (check back for this story behind my fish swap later) and knew I wanted to pair them with a peach slaw but only if I had that crunch. And there was that bag of potato chips that came with my lunch; just staring at me. Like that friend growing up who always got you into a little bit of trouble yet always managed to get you out of it, these chips were calling to me. Sure it might seem like a dangerous idea, but what’s the worst that could happen?. Not to mention you know its gonna be a blast! Plus everyone is doing it!

This potato chip crusted lemon sole with peach slaw was exactly that. A blast! Great summer flavors with a great crunch; both from the slaw and the fish. And my main concern was that the saltiness of the chips would overwhelm the fish. Rather, they brought out the delicate flavors of the sole perfectly. This may not resemble the fish sticks we all have loved at some point but actually doesn’t it sort of resemble the shape of a fish? Either way, what a wonderfully refreshing dinner!


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