Is everything better with bacon?


I’m sure you have heard the expression, “Everything is better wrapped in bacon”. And it’s true. There isn’t much that doesn’t taste great with salty, crispy pork. In fact one of the greatest things I’ve ever eaten was a pancetta topped vanilla cake made by Will Goldfard. But bacon won’t save everything, especially when the interior ingredients or the overall execution is lacking…

Chicken breasts are accessible, commonly enjoyed, but overall a bit boring. Especially the boneless, skinless variety that come packaged so often in threes. Chickens only have two breasts right?  But being packed with lean protein and great flavor (if you think chicken is boring try some of the organic, free-roaming birds), chicken breasts can be worked into wonderful dishes that break away from the boredom.

By wrapping flattened out chicken cutlets around blanched asparagus and a blend of parmesan and goat cheese I knew that I would have perfectly balanced and delicious flavors. But in the past, I’ve struggled keeping these type of rolls from drying out. One of the big problems with working with chicken breasts is the fear of under-cooking perpetuated by the frustration of overcooking. Sounds like a job for bacon. Wrapping these chicken rolls in bacon and pan roasting them created a perfectly cooked chicken packed with moisture and flavor. The fresh bite of the asparagus counteracted the richness of the bacon. The blend of cheese melted perfectly inside. And with just a little frisee salad and a quick sauce made with blanched cherry tomatoes and white wine, this dish was worthy of my restaurant ready list. Now I just need the restaurant…..and maybe a few more recipes.


One Response to Is everything better with bacon?

  1. sarah says:

    So at your future restaurant, would it be cheesy to suggest that you should name this dish after a sushi roll? it totally looks like one, but that might be played. Maybe if you open a beefsteak charlies.

    this looks great, thanks for calling me to tell me how good it was as i was drowning my swine flu in pho. which was delicious, btw, and served by the most annoying pho salesman in nyc.

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