No need for an intervention


Sometimes, while I’m trying to contruct a composed dish as I food shop, I get SADD. Yes it’s true. When I walk through barrels of fresh produce, wild fish, grains, spices, cheeses and all the rest I often suffer from Shopping Attention Deficit Disorder. My brain completely loses focus. Look at that bright green broccoli! Oh wait, those shitakes look amazing! They have coho salmon again! And baby bok choy! When SADD kicks in, the first step to recovery is admitting I have a problem. The second step is to go with it and make an unbelievable dinner regardless.

These four ingredients are what I ended up with after my most recent relapse of SADD. Now it’s not as if these ingredients don’t work together. In fact, the first thing that came to mind were the asian flavors so often accustomed with the combination. But that’s boring. Luckily I had some dill waiting for me at home and a jar of one of my favorite go to ingredients.

Baking this salmon with a dijon mustard and dill topping meshed perfectly with the ale and mustard sauce (ended up being the base for the salmon) filled with shitakes and bok choy. And with all the great colors and flavors present, what could go better than a side of garlic roasted broccoli. Great flavors, great colors, and some faith in my cooking ability once again lead me to a healthy and delicious meal despite my re-occurring problem…

Hi, my name is Ricky Silver and I suffer from SADD…


One Response to No need for an intervention

  1. sarah says:

    I call it food porn. when i was in cali this weekend, driving down the coast, it was really explicit. miles and miles of strawberries and artichokes. XXX (triple X, not 3 kisses)

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