The List: Dumont Burger

With all the continued talk of eating in on a budget (thanks Time magazine cheapskate blog), and the creativity that goes along with it, it would be easy to forget about all of the wonderful options for dining out. Challenging yourself in the kitchen is crucial to gain the confidence it takes to cook and eat well on your own, but to ignore the perspective gained and the experienced had from dining out would be a big mistake.

Dumont Burger

One of the most discussed topics in the food world as of late is the re-emergence of the burger. You’d be hard pressed to find a food blog or food magazine that hasn’t come up with their ultimate list. But with burgers, there is so much to consider. Are you a greasy spoon lover? What’s your bun preference? Thick or thin? American or swiss? Can one list really account for all these discrepancies. Well I’d argue not, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying their recommendations.

Epicurious recently listed Dumont Burger in Williamsburg as one of their top 12 burgers in the country. I have heard great things about Dumont and having passed by it multiple times and seen a packed house, I had only hoped their reputation was valid. The atmosphere is pretty consisent with that of the area. You know what your getting when you head over to Williamsburg and despite the “hipster tude” that was complained about in other reviews, I found our waitress pleasant and helpful.

Despite the enormity of the burger plates from those sitting next to us, we decided to start with a bowl of corn and clam chowder. The soup was really awesome. A ton of that salty clam flavor with just enough corn sweetness. I think this was a special for the night, but if you happen to see it on the menu, give it a shot.

As for the burgers, once again the taste and execution was spot on. They actually offer a smaller version of the burger which is nice considering not everyone can devour one of the full sized, but that didn’t stop me. At $12.50, this burger is a great deal. Served with fries or a salad, the only complaint would be the additional cost for toppings (including cheese). But that being said, the meal was well worth it. The burger was thick and juicy, cooked perfectly, and seasoned really well. The house made pickles were a really nice touch and the fresh toppings (bibb lettuce, tomato, and red onion) were actually fresh. And what about the bun? The fluffy brioche absorbs the juices of the burger and compliments the patty perfectly. The fries were also really great (crispy and salty) and clearly not an afterthought like they are at so many burger joints.

I could easily understand why Epicurious would rate Dumont Burger so highly. An exceptional example of great execution and fresh ingredients bundled with great sides and cold beer. What else could you really ask for?

Dumont Burger: 8.5/10


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