All you can eat pasta…Gluten Free!

There’s no way, right? I must be talking about pizza hut or Olive Garden if it truly is all you can eat. And these places certainly don’t have 100% gluten free pasta or decent taste for that matter. Well I kid you not. This weekend on Sunday July 12th from 12-4pm you can have it all, good food that’s good for you, and lots of it! My friends Joe Pipitone, “The Healthy Italian” and Keith Pollack will be offering this one of a kind special opportunity! Whether you follow a gluten free diet or not, I can promise you won’t be disappointed. Having had the opportunity to try a number of options already, I can attest to how good this food is. They will be offering a number of different types of brown rice pasta with a total of six different sauces! From marinara to puttanesca, you and your friends/family can chow down on some deliciously healthy Italian food all for only $18.95 a person. The event is being held at Roma Pizza in Merrick, NY and all diners will also receive a starting salad (although make sure you don’t fill up too much…your going to want to try everything). So come support “The Healthy Italian”. Check out the flyer below.



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