Work hard, celebrate harder…


I’ve always felt it is important to celebrate life’s little victories; especially when you live and work in a city like New York, where it is so easy to get swept away in the busy routine and forget to enjoy the ride. But sometimes it’s hard to stop and celebrate until you reach an end point. Sometimes you have to put your head down and keep your eye on the prize. Obstacles come out of nowhere and checkpoints don’t seem all the rewarding but when you finally reach the finish line its all worth it…

My good friends from The Canon Logic, just reached one of the many finish lines I am sure they will see in their careers. After all the hard work, sacrifice and admittedly a ton of fun, their first full length album has been completed (at least all the tracking is done). It was an unbelievable process and I felt lucky to be there throughout it. And despite all my efforts to make them celebrate along the way, they’ve had their minds focused on this day for a while. So they owed me…

They owed me the honor of cooking their celebratory meal and I was certainly not going to disappoint! Although I wasn’t able to snap too many worthwhile pictures, the meal turned out fantastically. We started with a pair of flatbreads. IMG_4014The first, a mozzarella, roasted fennel, and tomato and the second, a chickpea puree and roasted red pepper. These acted as great starters and were perfect for this type of casual meal. Our main dishes were a roasted corn risotto (at this point, I’m calling this my specialty) and a chilled calamari salad which was overwhelmingly the favorite. This mix of squid, celery, roasted peppers, shallots, and an awesome lemon dressing was a great match to the risotto and ended up being completely finished during “seconds”. In fact all the food disappeared along with the rosemary lemonade cocktail I blogged about not too long ago.

Two final components made this night perfect. The first, my homemade ice cream sandwiches with oatmeal raisin cookies and either vanilla or mint chip ice cream. What a great summer dessert and without any real fuss. But even better than the dessert, the food, and the drink combined, the company truly made this dinner awesome. I’m not sure what they consider the next finish line (although I have a few guesses) but I hope they reach it sooner rather than later because I’ve already started planning the next celebration!

In the mean time, check out the guys playing this Thursday at Rebel NYC and get your tickets now for their huge show at the Bowery Ballroom in August for what will surely be a can’t miss night as they play with Lights Resolve.


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