Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup


When the list of perfect food pairs is discussed it is hard to forget about grilled cheese and tomato soup. Whether its Cambells or Kraft, commercials and advertisements have engrained this combo into our lives and all for the better. It is a warm, cozy combination that is routed in simplicity. But sometimes simplicity can get a bit boring…

There are plenty of ways to jazz up this perfect pair. Like a grilled mozzarella and fontina sandwich with basil, tomato, and balsamic reduction. Or maybe a tomato and fennel soup with fresh orange juice for added sweetness. But I wasn’t up for any repeats. I was after something different. Something that captured the essence of this combo but didn’t so closely resemble it. Who would have thought one of my favorite late night snacks would give me the answers.

For years, I’ve relied on the quesadilla as light night grub. So versatile in that whatever I have works fine in between layers of crisp tortilla and gooey cheese. In many ways, the quesadilla, just like the grilled cheese, represents what is great about eating! Simple fare that often tastes better when left alone. When they are loaded with ingredients, your left with a slimy mess. This quesadilla with cotija cheese, sliced avocado, and a fresh tomato salsa worked wonderfully as part of the whole…

But what about the tomato soup. This quesadilla needed its match. By continuing to let simplicity rule the meal, fresh ingredients and raw delicous flavors prevailed. Pairing the quesadilla with a tomato, cucumber, and watermelon gazpacho was exactly what this meal needed. This chilled soup was bitey and flavorful and acted as a great counterpart for a wonderful meal. Maybe this new version of a classic pair will inspire you to mess around with your favorites. If you have any great versions send them in, pictures included.


One Response to Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

  1. smg says:

    one of the passed apps at The Park last week was a mozz panini on this really nice airy bread and a gazpacho shooter. i was hesitant on the shooter bc gazpacho usually tastes like a mouthful of salsa to me. but there was something extra in it that made it nice and refreshing with the grilled cheese. you should use this recipe for passed apps!

    i could tell you about the gazpacho in Sevilla, but i know how that will turn out…but it was delicious and served like a drink.

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