It’s all grilled to me…

Larry's Birthday Feast

When you think of grilling, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? I imagine the majority of us have images of burgers and hot dogs or steaks and chicken cooking away over the hot coals or gas flame of the backyard grill. The outdoor feasts we create are built by the anticipation perfuming from the big metal cookers and whether it is low and slow or seared and served, many of our grilled foods act as the main attraction. The compliments (corn, beans, salad, etc), bring great color and flavor to the meal but are so often overshadowed by the grilling main event. But they certainly don’t need to be…

For my girlfriend’s Dad’s birthday, I wanted to use the grill for the entire meal. This wasn’t just any grilled meal; this happened to be the first meal cooked on the brand new grill. We spent the afternoon assembling this newly purchased grill following the lengthy instructions and trying our best to keep all the hardware in check. One screw short of perfect, the grill was built and ready to help make meal after meal throughout the summer.

One of the greatest things about grilling is the high heat and therefore quick carmelizing you can achieve for a variety of applications. But with careful organization the grill can also be used to cook the entire meal taking advantage of the large space and temperature control available. Using both direct and indirect heat this meal turned out delicious! Who doesn’t love corn on the cob? And it’s the best when it comes right off the grill. What about the salad? Grilled halfed romaine hearts topped with a homemade caesar dressing, grilled croutons and cubed campari tomatoes not only added vibrant colors and flavors but re-introduced a classic favorite. Lastly, stuffing whole calamari with sausage and searing them golden brown gave us a light and delicious component to the meal that worked in balance, rather than overshadowing. Happy Birthday Larry!

Grilled Ceasar SaladGrilled Sausage Stuffed Calamari


2 Responses to It’s all grilled to me…

  1. Katie says:

    That’s crazy! I was just talking about grilling lettuce!? I can always count on you to answer all my questions!!!

  2. smg says:

    my first and last trip to quiznos about 7 years ago really scarred me. but i ain’t skeerd of hot lettuce anymore, i loved that salad.

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