Odds and Ends


  • Starting next week, I’m going to tackle some of my (and hopefully your) frozen meal memories. Although I now rarely consider the frozen meal an option, there was a time when the convenience (for my mom) and the excitement (for me) led me to eat right out of the microwave. Regardless of how you feel about the frozen meal, you do have to appreciate the science. But the convenience of saving time aside, are these meals really much cheaper than their homemade counterparts. I imagine in some cases yes, but you can’t know for sure unless you try. Well I’m going to so you don’t have to. Check back soon for the first frozen food battle where I’ll compare the time, the price, and the taste of my homemade version with our frozen favorites. Leave a comment if you have a frozen favorite that you want me to tackle!
  • News from abroad: Nikki just sent me a message about a sandwich she had in Germany and it got me thinking. I have heard about bananas with peanut butter sandwiches but never would I have thought of this one. Ham and Cheese Toasted on a French Baguette with curry mayo and yep, sliced bananas. I’m definitely going to have to try this one! And as always, if you haven’t check out Nikki’s art yet…
  • Silver Caterers will be teaming up to support The Healthy Italian next weekend. The Healthy Italian is a Gluten Free Italian cuisine provider and for those of you suffering from a gluten intolerance or those of you interested in learning more about how a gluten free diet can be beneficial be sure to check out more info on these guys! I’ll be posting some more info as times goes on…

2 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. susan says:

    Yo buddy, your Bubba made TV dinners. I, however, vrey rarely would break out a frozen meal!!!!

  2. smg says:

    Salisbury steak, i DARE you. Mom used to get it for me when i had a babysitter for the night. i hated babysitters.

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