Risotto Cookoff 09

Mango Salsa Risotto

On one of the hottest days of the Spring, the back room of Jimmy’s # 43 was packed to the brim with paying taste testers to get a plateful of Risotto. The Risotto Cookoff went above and beyond expectations and with 14 or so entries, the competition was stiff. My “mango salsa” risotto may not have won an official prize but the positive feedback was good enough for me. Many of the tasters were impressed with the originality and the freshness in flavor! To read more about the competition and to see my risotto among the rest check out Cathy’s blog entry. A special thanks to Cathy and Karol for putting on such a great event! I can’t wait for the next one.

On a side not, my neighboring competitors Liv and Laena have just recently started their own jam company named Anarchy in a Jar. Check out their blog for some of the upcoming recipes. If their Jam and Beet Risotto is any indication of how good their products will be, then I think I know where I’ll be getting my toast toppings from…


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  1. […] go to meal; risotto. I have worked from the most traditional of flavor combinations to some of the craziest. But in all my varitions, I’ve used arborio rice. We may not enjoy pronouncing it but we all […]

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