The Not so special “Special”


With the million and one options for eating out in New York, it is amazing how easy it is to find a comfort zone and stick to it. Whether its the convenience in location or the security of knowing you won’t be dissapointed, I know I’m not the only one who frequents neighborhood spots while neglecting variety. This isn’t all that bad however mainly because a lot of restaurants rely on their regulars, especially the neighborhood spots that have competition every two blocks. But what happens when one of your spots dissapoints? Do you give it another chance or do you leave vowing to never return…

Having lived essentially in the same area for two years (two different apartments, a robbery, and a broker fee later) I have come to enjoy the Tuesday night special at the Hairy Monk for a burger and a domestic beer. I haven’t gone that often but once in a while, when I’m not in the mood to cook, and it just so happens to be a Tuesday, it has been nice to have the option. In fact the food is actually pretty decent for a bar, and despite the weird service that just goes along with the place, I’ve enjoyed all of the burgers I have tried. Whether it was the turkey burger, the veggie burger, or the regular cheeseburgers I have always felt satisfied. With toppings piled on, and a great selection of domestic beers this $10.95 special would make any one happy. Not anymore…

This past tuesday happened to be one of those days I described earlier on, and sure enough I found myself watching the Celtics/Magic game and picking out the Hairy Monk burger of my choice. When we started to order, our waitress told us our choices didn’t work with the special. The turkey burger with cheese, onions and mushrooms didn’t work. What about the bacon cheeseburger? Nope. Maybe the veggie with swiss? Not this time. So what could we order? A plain hamburger. You want cheese, thats extra. You want toppings? Extra. When we asked when this change had happened our waitress directed our attention to the sign outside the restaurant. The same sign that has been advertising this deal since I moved here. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the economy is tough and a lot of restaurants are making changes like these but really? What’s the point of having a special then? Not to mention our bill ended up being close to twenty dollars more than it would have been if the deal at been what we were used to.

I imagine at some point I’ll be back and at some point maybe even on a day other than Tuesday but I’ve got to believe it won’t be soon.


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