How I Ruined Easter…


I haven’t cooked lamb all that often and when I have things haven’t always turned out so well. In fact some still say I ruined Easter…

After masterfully cooking a mustard crusted rack of lamb, my girlfriend’s Mom gave me the duties of slicing and serving. We always have a good time cooking in the kitchen and I’d say we work pretty well as a team. Except as they say, your only as strong as your weakest link and I must not have been feeling very strong that day. As I transferred the lamb from the pan to the cutting board, I tripped. Up in the air went flying our dinner! Despite my awkward attempt at catching the lamb, the fall knocked the majority of the crust off the lamb, rendering it imperfect. Okay, so no one actually accused me of ruining Easter and the lamb still tasted great (yes we still ate it and the other rack that hadn’t been ruined) but it was a jarring experience.

Well last night I ventured back into the world of cooking lamb and without disaster! I kept it simple, using Lamb Loin Chops. Searing the crust in a cast iron and finishing the cooking process in a tomato, olive, and roasted red pepper sauce created a moist and flavorful piece of lamb perfect with a helping of vegetable cous cous and sauteed spinach. Vindication!


4 Responses to How I Ruined Easter…

  1. smg says:

    are you sure no one accused you of ruining easter???

  2. Emily says:

    we definitely accused…because you did…

  3. Nancy says:

    the variation sounds delicious…did you save me “a sample”???

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