Breakfast for Dinner II


A while back I spoke about the allure of having breakfast for dinner. As a kid this always meant an omelet or some other egg variation but never pancakes or french toast. This isn’t all that shocking, mainly because the sweet dishes I just mentioned don’t necessarily translate with what we often consider dinner to be; a savory meal. But the more I cook and the more I care about the balance in flavor, the more I see myself complimenting savory dishes with sweet components. It’s amazing what a little honey can do to a homemade tomato sauce (I know a family that swears by adding maple syrup), or what segments of oranges or pieces of mango can do to a salad or salsa. So last night I decided why not? I’m making pancakes and bacon for dinner….

Well not in the traditional sense but all the major components were still there. I decided to make savory pancakes but I didn’t want them to lose that subtle sweetness. Luckily for me, fresh corn is just starting to pop up in the markets and for this early in the season I’ve been pretty impressed. Adding fresh corn to the batter I was able to impart that familiar sweetness while keeping my “dinner” flavors in tact. Pairing these corncakes with wilted dandelion greens tossed in a bacon dressing and Pan Seared Scallops (seared in some of the left over bacon grease) created a dish with unbelievable balance in flavors. The salty, the sweet, the warm, the cold….It felt like breakfast. So now when I get those cravings and all I want is breakfast for dinner, the omelet is going to have some competition.


A quick note on the corncakes. I reluctantly admit that I have always been a sucker for the boxed pancake mixes. Maybe its because growing up there was always that red Aunt Jemima box present in the back of our fridge or maybe I was always a bit lazy. But having made this batter from scratch last night and by incorporating beaten egg whites, I was able to produce a lighter, fluffier and much better tasting pancake then I have ever had, at least when I have made them. Although I will never renounce the use of the boxed mixes, you won’t see me using them anytime soon.


One Response to Breakfast for Dinner II

  1. smg says:

    Buffalo milk ricotta cheese and castelvetrano olives:

    1. Select appropriate olive serving dish and accessories (hardest part)
    2. Pour glass of wine
    3. Eat

    It’s a tie.

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