I’ve Awoken from My Food Coma…


After stuffing myself throughout my trip to New Orleans, last night I felt I needed something on the lighter side, something with a lot of vegetables. I felt my body begging for some nutrients but I had no real interest in eating a bland or boring dinner. After all, this is why so many people avoid eating their veggies or consider their place on a plate to be secondary to the main attraction. However, so many vegetables have unbelievable flavors and textures and even differ throughout the cooking process. Incorporating raw or at least barely cooked vegetables along with more cooked counterparts gives the variety in flavor and texture that I’m always obsessing about. This “soupe au pistou” or vegetable soup made with leeks, celery, zucchini, swiss chard, edamame, red pepper, potatos and little pasta hit all the right spots. Adding a boost of flavor was a basil and parmesan puree and just a bit of lemon juice. Inevitably, as true when I make all of my soups, I was left with loads of leftovers that I’ve now enjoyed again for lunch…


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