Silver Caterers: Can’t have too many Caipirinhas

Two weekends ago, I was asked to prepare a dinner party for a client. Like so many dinner parties that start out as a small gathering this event went from what was supposed to be an intimate dinner of six, to twenty people coming for a more casual meal. What made this dinner so interesting, was that in it’s origin, the meal was to be a Brazilian tasting of sorts. However sipping Caipirinhas (recipe below) while eating Feijoada, a traditional black bean and meat stew, comfortably around the table would no longer be possible…

The Feijoada had already been prepared with the proper accompaniments; rice, collard greens and roasted cassava flour but for six…this certainly wasn’t going to cut it. So my job was to create a menu that could still feature this delicious stew while simultaneously ensuring everyone left with a full belly. Rather than attempting to incorporate only traditional brazilian foods (definitely not my expertise) I decided to go for a more diverse menu giving the guests a bit of variety (Italian and Brazilian Flavors). As the twenty guests arrived they were treated to two bruschettas that represented the flavor origins they would soon have with their entrees. The first, a goat cheese spread topped with a mango cilantro salsa, and the second, a tallegio spread topped with diced tomatos, basil, and crispy prosciutto. After an hour or so of snacking and drinking, I served the entrees one after the other. The first, a corn and prosciutto risotto topped with a single scallop was bright in flavor and rich in comfort. This was soon followed by a small serving of Feijoada with all the fixins. The boldness of the stew was complimented so nicely by the collards and was the perfect way to end the meal. This casual dinner service was a blast to be a part of and I can definitely say everyone left satisfied. It just goes to show that even when your party expands significantly, with just a little bit of creativity and a little bit of help, the end goal of spending a night relaxing with your friends, eating well and drinking even better, isn’t so improbable. You just have to know who to call…

Brazilian and Italian Feast:

Bruschetta topped with Goat Cheese and a Mango Salsa

Bruschetta topped with Tallegio Cheese, Diced Tomatoes, Basil and Crispy Prosciutto

Corn and Prosciutto Risotto served with a Pan Seared Scallop

Feijoada served with Collards and Roasted Cassava Flour

Caipirinha Recipe:

2 tsp Pure Cane Sugar

2 oz Cachaca

1 Large or Two small Limes (sliced into thin rounds)

Crushed Ice

Fill an old fashioned glass with the limes and sugar and muddle to release the juice and dissolve the sugar. Add crushed ice to fill half of the glass. Add the Cachaca and fill remaining glass with ice. Drink slowly! These are unbelievable but very strong.


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