Silver Caterers: The Quiche that Got away…

It has been a busy week for Silver Caterers so I apologize for the lack of posts. However, I’ve got a lot to fill you in on!

Friday afternoon we were catering a graduate luncheon at NYU. The menu was planned in order to give the students a break from the mediocre pizza and the lackluster bagels that are so often served. (This is most dissapointing because this city has the best pizza and the best bagels and the fact that stores and businesses get away with serving these less than stellar offerings is truly sad) We planned on serving a bowl of homemade soup, one of our favorites, Tomato, Fennel, and Orange along with a mixed greens salad containing beets, dried cranberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, and goat cheese as well as a selection of quiches. The first quiche was a wild mushroom and shallot quiche with gruyere and the second was a prosciutto and leek quiche with sharp cheddar. The food turned out great and the lunch was a bit hit; although not without a near disaster….

So this story is something most would not divulge but since I share it all with you, I had to let you in on the events leading up to our luncheon. As I set off for NYU in the morning, food in hand, I forgot one of the most basic rules of living in New York City…catching a cab in the rain is next to impossible. I spent 25 minutes searching and hoping for a cab, running around with bags and bags of food hoping I would make it on time and with the delicious food intact. When I finally hailed a cab, I turned to grab my bags and off it went. Why the cab driver felt the need to leave me, bags in hand, soaking wet I will never understand but I guess that eight second delay was really unacceptable to him. At this point I was on the verge of being late and had to make it to the subway. I abandoned my search for a cab and started to cross 3rd ave when mother nature notched one more point for herself. There they were, our delicious quiches, being swept away by the rain soaked tires of the traffic motoring uptown. The bag I was carrying gave way under the pouring rain and that was that. Luckily it wasn’t all of the quiches and luckily we had just enough time to make a plan B but it wasn’t how I wanted to start my morning. Thanks to Murray’s Cheese shop, we were able to supplement the meal with their selection of quiches. The rain may have got in our way a bit, but being able to hear that our quiches were better than Murray’s made it all worth it!

I will be posting about our other jobs in the next few days as well!

NYU Graduate Luncheon Menu:

Mixed Greens with Roasted Beets, Dried Cranberries, Walnuts, Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

Tomato Fennel and Orange Soup

Wild Mushroom and Shallot Quiche

Prosciutto and Leek Quiche


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