Silver Caterers


It’s almost here! The long summer nights are approaching and coming out of a fairly arduous winter, we ought to really take advantage. The time for friends and family, eating and drinking, and celebrating the fact that we still need our sunglasses on our way home from work is coming and we at Silver Caterers want you to make the most of it. I know the majority of my entries are routed in the food I cook at home and the restaurants I experience within the city, but don’t forget the passion you see can be yours to experience; more than just a daily read. Silver Caterers is looking to carve a place as one of the catering biz’s up and comers and that means great things for all of you! We know our food and our creativity will rival some of your other options, but where we compete the hardest is with our price. It’s hard times for all, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice to entertain. Let us help you out for your next event. Whether it is a dinner party, rooftop cookout, or a Sunday Brunch, we want you to enjoy your event as an entertainer and as a guest….leave the work to us….Please contact me for more information on prices and availability! (




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