Eggspect More Food This Week…

It seems like too long since I’ve posted about my own food but not without good reason…

I would say without question, the happiest people are those that are passionate about what they do, and have a hobby or two to keep them busy and in balance. When work gets stressful or traumatic events occur its healthiest to take solace in the things we love to do. But often these are the first things we neglect. It’s so easy to get caught up and to forget to unwind. For me, as I know I’ve mentioned before, cooking is my glass of wine at the end of the long day. I find peace in coming home and creating a meal and I know that comes off in my food. It has been a busy few weeks and between eating out, and eating simply and on the go, I haven’t been doing much in the kitchen. But just like the athlete who can’t stay away from the game for too long or the writer who takes a break from the blocked thoughts only to come back with that perfect ending to the short story, I never go too long with out getting the itch to cook. This dish was the perfect way for me to scratch that itch….

Roasted Asparagus in a Sherry Vinaigrette with Sauteed Shitake Mushrooms, Pan Seared Filet and a Fried Egg


As a number of you have mentioned, I’ve been playing around with the use of eggs in my dishes. I used to always think of eggs as breakfast food and binders for cakes and pastries but the delicate richness that an egg (especially the yolk) can bring to a dish is really amazing. From the use in an omelette, to a salad, to one of my favorite thai dishes, the egg may truly be the most perfect food.


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