The List: Corner Bistro


Although I’ve lived in NYC for almost two full years I have barely sampled what the city has to offer as far as burgers. I’ve heard plenty of arguments calling Corner Bistro one of the bests so I was excited to give it a try. When we first walked in, the greasy spoon hit me right over the head. The place has this pleasant weathered look to it that makes you instantly feel like a regular. There was a decent line for the dining area, but we were lucky enough to snag the window counter top where we started with a number of rounds of McSorley’s Ales and Darks. At $2.50 a pint, my enthusiasm hit an all time high. If the burger wasn’t as good as I hoping, a few more rounds would be sure to help me forget. Luckily, I didn’t need those extra pints because the burger really was delicious. I ordered the cheeseburger medium rare, and the thick patty came out on a tiny plastic plate with all the fixins (lettuce, tomato, and onion). As I took my first bite, immediately it was clear the burger had been cooked exactly the way I like it. (Nothing worse than an overdone burger). As I continued to devour the burger, there were a few stand out characteristics; some I loved and some I wasn’t too thrilled about. There are a million and one burger recipes, but in my opinion the best are the ones that let the beef stand on its own. cornerbistro21The more you season a burger, the more it ends up tasting like meatloaf. The Corner Bistro lets the beef do the talking and for the most part it really was delicious. I was also impressed with the size. For around $6, you expect to be given a burger the thickness of a sausage patty but the Corner Bistro burger was both filling and reasonable.  My main gripe with the burger however was the bun. It seemed a bit of an afterthought. A little stale and reminiscent of those grocery store rolls that crumble the second you open the bag, the bun did not do the burger justice. The second major issue I had, although unrelated to the burger, was the fries. The french fries go with the burger as syrup goes with pancakes. Sure you know people who don’t use syrup with their pancakes but aren’t they all a bit weird? We all ordered fries and I although I don’t wish to speak for anyone else, I was truly disappointed. The fries were cooked well but had little to no taste. And unfortunately, salting at the table didn’t really do the trick. Salting has to be done right after the frying process to let the flavor soak in, and this step must have been skipped. Ultimately, the Corner Bistro deserves all the praise it gets.  It’s got a great atmosphere, great prices, and a better than good burger. 7/10

pictures of burgers to come soon…


5 Responses to The List: Corner Bistro

  1. smg says:

    i haven’t been to CB in a while even though it’s in my backyard. i’ll try to go soon, but i’m bringing my own bun!

    next burger…spotted pig! you are going to die over the fries.

  2. sam says:

    nice review. i can skip it now!

  3. sam says:

    dude, nice header on the blog. who designed that? mmmm….sharp!

  4. […] to this argument would be to get out and eat! Having already tried the american classic at the Corner Bistro and the bold roquefort topped burger at the Spotted Pig, I was due for a few more taste tests and […]

  5. Theresa Kessler says:

    I just googled Corner Bistro in NY as this used to be my dad’s favorite hangout when he lived in NY. In fact, I’m going to put his name here whereas maybe somebody from this place knows him. His name was Richard O’Neil.

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