What is it about pizza?


So as a New Yorker (admittedly a transplant) I’m fairly serious when it comes to my love of pizza. I know what I like and I know what I don’t. I have the place to go for pie. And I want to tell everyone I meet about it. I know what good pizza is and its my duty to show everyone where to get it…..

Well at least this is how I felt as of a week ago. But the truth is, I’ve taken a number of friends to the place, and I have always left a little unsure. I find that person questioning how much they like the pie and that always makes me feel like I’m wrong in some way. But I’m telling you this place is amazing. Sure its a little pricey but their crust is amazing (thin and flavorful) and they use fresh mozzarella and the best tomato sauce. And sure they’ve started charging for fresh basil but their flavor is spot on…

All of these things are true…but for ME. Pizza, maybe more than any other food in New York is an extremely polarizable subject and everyone has their favorite….but what makes your favorite pizza? where do you go for your favorite pie? and how do you set your standards? Let me know by leaving comments below and I’ll share my favorite with you…



7 Responses to What is it about pizza?

  1. Emily says:

    totonno’s is the best. hands down. dont think so? you’re wrong.

  2. Mike says:

    I used to live next to the Totonno’s on 2nd avenue. I agree, the pizza is very, very good. Unfortunately, it really is extremely pricey and I can recall several times where the price ultimately encouraged me to go elsewhere.

  3. smg says:

    Totonnos, Grimaldis, Lombardis and Bleecker St for the best, classic pies. I really like tomato sauce and fresh mozz. For the “classic” NY slice (grated mozz), I like Bens on W3rd St. Fancy pizza is best at Lil Frankies and Otto. Next places to try are Frannie’s in Park Slope and Arturo’s on Houston. I could eat it for every meal, everyday. I loooooooovvvve PIZZA! Thank you for posting about it.

    Which brings me to a thought…I went to school in VA and it was there that I was first introduced to 1. Papa John’s and 2. DIPPING your pizza in a variety of dressings, butters and liquid “cheese”. This is not pizza, people, this is disgusting. One of the many, many crimes against good food that I found while away from NY.

    (psssstt…I have a secret….I kinda like Ellios. Don’t judge me.)

  4. sam says:

    i come from a family of serious pizza aficionados. my dad famously wooed my mom with some homemade pie. but more recently my dad visited his old college friend, abbott, in maine. abbott had just finished making an authentic italian wood burning fiorno in his back yard. my dad, having a lifelong affinity for bread and pizza was there to christen the oven. when he returned, seething with jealousy and one-upsmanship ambitions, took it upon himself to design and make a bigger oven. that following spring he spent the better part of may digging a foundation, laying cement blocks, and finally covering the structure with an adobe dome. ultimately looking more like a turret or pillbox than oven, sits the mapp family fiorno. regardless of our proximity to chicago, only thin crust (cooking in 2-4 minutes) authentic italian pie is made here, the old man considers anything else heretic.

  5. mark says:

    Pizzabeer son. (Charleston in W’burg) Wouldn’t say its the best in town, but its well under-rated. At least I never here anyone talk about it and its pretty awesome. I’m talking full slices, not the free bar-pie.

  6. mark says:

    As for the absolute best, its definitely Vincent’s in Hamilton NJ. Thats if you’re in 7th grade and need a place to hang out with girls. The pizza sucks. Definitely the best.

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