I love to cook, and love to eat…

Sometimes I get the feeling, that because I not only love to cook, but also always jump at the offer of cooking for others, people are intimidated to cook for me. So many times, I’ve eaten the food of a friend only after they have given me some sort of schpeal on how it isn’t any good. Yet nine times out of ten its delicious. Not to mention, they are missing the point. Because I cook all the time and because I cater, I know what goes into making a meal. The thought process, the hard work, the care…these are the things that I love about cooking for others, and I appreciate those same qualities when I am cooked for…

Last night, I was at work late and had no real interest in cooking dinner. I figured I’d go home, tredge around the fridge and figure something out. I know it is easy to order just about every type of food possible in this city, but I’m stubborn. Yet, when I walked into the door, I saw something I’m not so used to seeing. There she was, my girlfriend, cooking ME dinner. It was an awesome surprise and I’ll tell you what, she may not love it like I do, but her chicken quesadilla was just about perfect…

Em’s Famous Chicken Quesadilla with Chunky Salsa and Sour Cream

Em's Chicken Quesadilla


2 Responses to I love to cook, and love to eat…

  1. Emily says:


  2. nlag says:

    Ah, it looks great! Shout out to Emily!

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