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How many times have you walked past a restaurant and said “that looks nice, we should go there” and then fifteen seconds later you have forgotten the name and the location? Or what about when your having a conversation and someone else brings up this must have dining experience? Do you remember all the details or are you like me, and catalog the thought as just another general restaurant story?

I’ve now lived in New York City for about a year and a half and I really do love it. By now, its no secret that I love good food yet despite being surrounded by a million and one options (some great and some terribly disappointing), I’ve never really taken advantage of it completely. Now this isn’t without good reason. For me, cooking dinner is often more enjoyable than going out and quite frankly, the tax bracket I fall into doesn’t exactly leave the disposable income that’s needed to eat out on a regular basis. But as any good cook knows, you have to go out and try other people’s food.

As I mentioned before, it is so easy to get lost in the myriad of options that sometimes its necessary to organize your thoughts. So, some friends and I are putting together the list. A list of restaurants we plan to attend over the next few months. There is no real rhyme or reason to our list, but rather it is full of places that we’ve walked past and thought “hmm that looks good” and others we’ve heard about in conversation. After each restaurant I plan on sharing our experiences with you and letting you know what we thought….

But we want your help. We like our list so far but we could use a few more….let us know where we should go and why we should try it and check back soon for our progress.


One Response to The List…

  1. David Chaitt says:

    one of the biggest pet-peeves of mine is going to a restaurant that…

    A) i think is overpriced
    B) i can make the food just as good if not better
    C) from B, i know the true cost of the meal, so I KNOW it’s overpriced.

    that being said, a couple weeks ago, i went to this vegan place called red bamboo around th corner from the IFC theatre (there’s also one in brooklyn as well) and they took the concept of no meat or animal biproducts to a whole new level. i strongly recommend it even for someone who might be afraid of “that type” of food.

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