Sometimes I hate forks

What is it about eating with our hands that we enjoy so much? Having grown up outside of Philadelphia, where the majority of the well known cuisine is served without utensils, I revel in the opportunities to get a little messy. This must be why I love taco night so much. Half the time, the meal ends up being more like a burrito or even a fajita but the basic principles are always the same. One of the main components of “taco night” that I would encourage everyone to try is the creation of a seasoning for the meat. Its extremely easy to buy a packet of taco seasoning at the grocery store and the product you get is fairly reliable, however, making your own spice blend is no more expensive and a lot more fun. Controlling the levels of spice and flavor is something that you lose with the prepared blend. The spice blend I used last night included chile powder, cumin, paprika, dried basil, dried cilantro, fresh parsley, and smoked salt (one of my new favorite additions). What is also nice about making a spread like the one seen below is that the proportions and additions are up to you. I love my tacos spicy so I love to add fresh jalapenos and hot sauce with just a little sour cream to offset the raw heat but there is a million and one possibilities. One my favorite tacos is Al Pastor which incorporates pineapple with a pork filling but that will have to wait til next time.



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  1. […] twist on convention… As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my favorite types of tacos are Al Pastor; slow cooked pork that has been marinated in a […]

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