A Street Food Favorite

It seems that you either love them or hate them but I can’t get enough of them. Fish tacos, when done well, are without a doubt one of my favorites. When the fish is fresh, and the condiments are great, the fish taco is a perfect example of balance. However, it is easy to have an individual component of the fish taco be overpowering. Whether its a salsa, or the slaws that are so often a component, too much of anything can throw the whole experience out of whack. But when there is a balance, the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts. I apologize for the pontification over what is commonly considered street food, but I would argue that some of the most refined and elegant dishes are created with the principles of street food in mind. Here is my version of a deconstructed fish taco:

Tortilla Chip Crusted Sole Filet with a Crab and Corn Salsa served

with a Greek Yogurt Sauce and Quick Slaw

Deconstructed Fish tacos


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