A Fresh Start

With the excitement of the New Year comes the dark and cold days of January and it never ceases to amaze me how all the joy and hopefulness of the holiday season is quickly replaced by lethargy and despair. Its been pretty frigid in New York and the slush that makes the busy sidewalks seem a little more crowded has made walking through the city quite draining. It’s easy to complain and to hope for the Spring and trust me when I say, I am guilty of this as well, but sometimes I wish we stopped our whining and appreciated the change in the weather. Now there are those that would love to live in a tropical paradise where the temperature rarely fluctuates throughout the year, but whats the point. The summer is great because of the winter. The winter is great because of the summer. Enough with the new years resolutions that we never keep. I have a better idea. We should all make it our resolution to embrace whatever the times give us. Sure you can’t go to the beach and lay in the sun, but you can spend a long day skiing and then warm up with a hot spiked drink alongside a warm and hearty meal. I guess what I’m trying to say is, rather than complaining about something we can’t control, we should take advantage of it. Attitude is a a choice. So next time the winter months are dragging you down, choose the alternative…

There is without a doubt a correlation between what we eat and how we feel. Many of these hearty comforting meals we choose in the winter are delicious but they often are pretty heavy. Heavy eating often contributes to the winter doldrums and its a cycle that is fairly easy to fall into. Its the rich and bold flavors we crave but that doesn’t mean were stuck eating chili and stews every night. There are easy ways to incorporate bold flavors into light and healthy dishes that will certainly increase our energy levels. And after a few weeks of winter meals, I’m always craving something “fresh”. This Cumin Rubbed Filet Salad with tomatoes, oranges, cucumbers, corn, and feta not only satisfied my winter craving but maybe more importantly, left me exuberant over the lack of a food coma….

Cumin Rubbed Steak Salad


One Response to A Fresh Start

  1. Carol Levy says:

    Okay big guy…where’s the recipe? I’m ready with feta in hand. Looking forward to sharing an evening cooking and dining over here. Let’s plan something soon, early March, how about the 7th pm or 8th brunch? Cast of characters begin with you and Em, Vanessa, Nikki and Evan and I. Love your food presentation and blog ramblings. Keep up your inspiring meals and connections.

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